Critical video in Latin America and the Caribbean

The aim of this exhibition is to insist on visibility as the only way of resistance; the obstinacy to continue putting under pressure the mainstream media through micro-politics, in this occasion through personal images, ethically and aesthetically elaborated, juxtaposed to the manufactured images ready for a quick and irresponsible consumption. The selection questions us about the effectiveness and the scope of action of critical art, about the author’s ethic responsibility while working in this field, about the subaltern (in)capacity to represent him or herself, about the need of recognition in the works that deal with social and political issues, about the role assumed by Latin American art and artists in the international context, and lastly, about the curator’s legitimacy to undertake his or her work in the transnational context.

All the works in Videoarde are inserted on the field of mediation and transformation of the social space, sometimes showing the peculiar ways to confront daily life and some others reflecting upon critical aspects: politics, history/memory, identity, social crisis, violence, machismo, sex, religion, frontier and emigration, urban space and art. The exhibition features 32 videos by artists from Mexico, Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador, Panama, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Cuba, Ecuador, Bolivia, Venezuela, Colombia, Peru, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, US and Spain. The works strike up a dialogue through three different programs: Men, Wolves and Men, Vital Space and My way: Lessons on Local Survival.


Centro Cultural de España in Mexico City 27 January – 26 February 2009
Centro Cultural de España in Montevideo 5 March – 18 April 2009
Ochoymedio Cinema, Quito 1 – 3 July 2009
MOCA Art Center, Buenos Aires 8 July –16 August 2009
Centro Cultural "Parque de España", Córdoba 20 August – 5 September 2009
Centro Cultural "Paque de España", Rosario 9 – 10 September 2009
Festival Latinoamericano de Video de Rosario
Cultural Center “Teatro Los Fundadores de Manizales 13 – 17 April 2010
Festival Internacional de la Imagen
Centro Cultural de España in Lima 6 – 18 July 2010
Festival VAE
Centro Cultural Coricancha, Cuzco 13 July 2010
Festival VAE
Centro Cultural de España in Managua 8 – 31 July 2010
Fundación Luciérnaga de Nicaragua
Centro Cultural de España "Juan de Salazar", Asunción 9 – 20 August 2010
Centro Cultural de España in Miami 12 November – 12 December 2010
Instituto Cervantes in Atenas 20-22 May 2011
Athens Video/Art Festival
Instituto Cervantes in Estambul 7-9 October 2011
Museo Pera of Estambul
Instituto Cervantes in Casablanca 17, 24 y 31 October 2011
Instituto Cervantes in Rio de Janeiro 6 de November al 8 de December 2012
Casa de las Américas in la Habana 27 March - 27 April 2015
CENDIM in Camagüey 31 March - 4 April 2015
Festival Internacional de Videoarte Camagüey. FIVAC


Under Discussion (2005), de Jennifer Allora y Guillermo Calzadilla

Body Art (2008) de Javier Castro, Luís Gárciga y Grethell Rasúa

XX II (2007), de Regina José Galindo