9-10 August 2010
Centro Cultural de España Juan de Salazar - Asunción

Coordinated by Fernando Moure, participants:

Table 1 Video in Paraguayan art
Alban Martínez Gueyraud, Fredi Casco, Fernando Moure
Table 2 Paraguayan cinema projecting art
Renate Costa, Juan Carlos Maneglia and Marcelo Martinessi
Table 3 Transnational curatorship and the role of the audiovisual in exhibitions
Ticio Escobar and Laura Baigorri



Visual artist, writer and publisher. As an author, he has participated in exhibitions both in and out of Paraguay. He has been the curator of several projects of Paraguayan video art for international festivals. He is currently coediting the Southamerican photo magazine Sueño de la Razón, and he is also the coordinating editor of El Ojo Salvaje, Mes de la Fotografía en Paraguay, and founding member of the publishing house Ediciones de la Ura. He lives and works in Asunción.


She studied cinema in Paraguay, Cuba and Spain. She made her debut as the executive producer of the film documentary Cándido López, los campos de batalla, by José Luis García (2005). Then she produced and directed the short film Che Yvotymi (2007). Her first film documentary, Cuchillo de palo (108 International in its English version) had its premiere in 2010 at Cannes and at the Berlinale. The film has won several awards in the festivals of Málaga, Guadalajara, Krakow and Buenos Aires, and it will be presented in Lima, Göteborg and Finland. Renate lives and works in Barcelona. http://www.cuchillodepalo.net


Curator, art critic and cultural developer. He is the head of the Museo de Arte Indígena, Centro de Artes Visuales, Asunción. He has been the president of the Paraguayan section of the International Association of Art Critics and a member of the Ph.D. in Philosophy Senate, major in Aesthetics and Art Theory at Universidad de Chile. He has been the curator of several international exhibitions such as the 1 Trienal de Chile (2009) and he is the author of several books and essays. He is currently the Minister of Culture of Paraguay. http://www.ticioescobar.com


Author of short and feature films, TV series, and head of the film company Maneglia-Schembori. He studied in Asunción, Cuba and New York. He was an active developer of the Cinema Club Cristo Rey and teacher of Audiovisual Arts. Maneglia and Tana Schémbori have developed a fertile and creative partnership in TV and other independent projects. The team is currently finishing their first feature film, entitled 7 Cajas. Juan Carlos lives and works in Asunción http://www.manegliaschembori.com


He studied Communication in Asunción and Cinema Studies at the New York Film Academy and the London Film School. He was a fellow in the Fundación Carolina in Madrid. His independent career as a writer and director of short films and documentaries began in 1987. He is the founder of Mira, and audiovisual company that studies Paraguay in depth. He has written and directed Karai Norte, a short film that had its premiere at the Berlinale 2009 and received the Iberoamerican Short Film Award in Guadalajara. Marcelo lives and works in Asunción.


Ph.D. in Architecture, art critic and independent curator. He is the head of the Graphic Design Degree at Universidad Columbia del Paraguay and Chair of Contemporary Latin-American Art in the High Institute of FADA, Universidad Nacional de Asunción. He is a member of the International Association of Art Critics. He lives and works in Asunción.


Art critic, curator and columnist of visual arts. He is the creator of several exhibitions of contemporary art and audiovisual programs. He is preparing the exhibits Der Dschungel / La jungle for Instituto Cervantes, and Biorealismus, with works by the artist Marcello Mercado. He is a member of the International Association of Art Critics. He lives and works in Köln, Germany.